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Aquaro Histology has recently developed an innovative instrument for histology labs that improves workflow. The ASM automates a step in the microtomy process that is currently a manual task. As a start-up, Aquaro’s challenge is to both introduce themselves to the market as a new brand, as well as introducing a new process. MOVE was tasked with supporting marketing efforts to: introduce the brand, the new product, and the new workflow.


MOVE has helped elevate their brand look and feel to establish a clean, professional image. We recently completed a sales brochure and trade show materials for a series of key trade shows this spring.

  • MOVE is very responsive, and flexible to our needs. We appreciate the thoughtfulness that they bring to each design, and attention to detail to ensure our brand is consistently represented across all our materials.

    Laura Ferree, Marketing Director Aquaro Histology

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