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Football’s Valhalla: The Bob Ufer Story

Part of our mission at MOVE Communications is to enrich the human community through our work in communications. There’s a figure in the Ann Arbor community we’d like to highlight for the extraordinary work he did in enriching our community—and his name is Bob Ufer. For those who are Michigan fans, you know his famed “Meechigan” clarion call and his amazingly passionate announcing of Michigan football. That is “signature Ufer,” but there is much more to the contribution that this enthusiastic icon has made to the community, and what the Ufer family continues to do to benefit youth through sports and education.

I remember being in grad school at Michigan…smiling as I anticipated Saturdays during football season. We all knew that, wherever we were, that familiar voice would lead us over the air into the stadium, and be more excited with each play-by-play. Even if we didn’t score the winning touchdown or extra point, we knew that he would be back next week. Yes, we would eagerly take on the challenge to be “the leaders and the best” going forward with his same indomitable energy.

But there were also human values he represented—believing in every person, having the discipline to always be prepared, giving your very best…especially when confronted with obstacles, competing to win…but keeping family and relationships as most important, and never failing to “Go Blue!” (That surely is a universal human value!)

Well, there’s something exciting that’s about to happen in Ann Arbor to recapture that energy and celebrate the life of Bob Ufer. This October 5, at the Michigan Theater, is the worldwide premiere of the new full-length documentary,  Football’s Valhalla, The Bob Ufer Story.

It’s a full-length film by director/writer, Dan Chace of Black Point West films, an Ann Arbor native whose credits include the powerful story of Billy Taylor.

The cast includes names like Jim Harbaugh, Jack Harbaugh, Lloyd Carr, Rick Leach, Jerry Hanlon, Billy Dufek, and fellow broadcasters Jim Brandstatter, Paul W. Smith and Frank Beckmann.

This will definitely be a “memory lane” moment, but will also inspire everyone to “pay it forward” with family and friends. You’ll experience some of the greatest Michigan football action and personalities, and be challenged to get back out on the field and live out your best life.

So, go to to get tickets right away! (only $15) You’ll have a blast and you’ll make some of your own unforgettable “Meechigan” moments.

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