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What a year it was for everyone. The global pandemic brought about many challenges to the workplace, including the normal rhythm of events in the year. This was true for Sacred Heart Major Seminary, one of our clients. Sacred Heart was celebrating their 100-year Anniversary and had been planning a very special celebratory gala for June. They had to change plans and host a Virtual Gala. One of its features was a video entitled Forward in Hope, highlighting the seminary over its 100-year history and looking to the future.

Written in collaboration with the seminary with original music by Gary Nestor and direction and editorial by Jim Pinard, this video featured photos of the building and the people that have given it life from 1920 to 2020. It also included photos of monumental moments in Detroit and the world through the decades, placing Sacred Heart in context for the audience. As Jim put it, “The video is a retrospective of the ‘beating heart’ of Sacred Heart Seminary through the past 100 years, surviving world and local events that shaped the future of our world. The mission of Sacred Heart beats on.” As part of a virtual gala, this video was especially important and impactful. We are pleased to announce that the Virtual Gala program, including Forward In Hope, is a Silver Winner in the 2020 TELLY Awards.

Take a look here:

Forward In Hope
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Moving on to 2021, we were faced with a new challenge: putting together an outdoor Archbishop’s Gala for the first time ever. We worked diligently with the Sacred Heart team to plan a safe, energetic, and joyful outdoor event at the Little Caesars’ Arena Chevy Plaza in Detroit. We worked with our video team to create two new videos based on this year’s gala theme: Credo and We Are Sacred Heart.

We wrote the script for the event and planned out the music, schedule, and graphic approach. The production team at Little Caesars’ Arena did an awesome job, setting up and running the lighting, sound, and presentation equipment. We even had a livestream of the event so that people could watch from home.

When it was finally time for the event, the team was prepared. The night was a success. There was delicious food, great company, and a celebration of the seminary and its seminarians. Even with a rainstorm closing out the evening and Cosmic Groove’s Afterparty set a little early, and weather over 90 degrees, the feedback was positive. As Meghan Giersdorf, Account Supervisor for MOVE, put it, “This event knocked it out of the park, well, the arena!” We can’t wait to start planning for next year!

For anyone looking to put on a live event in uncertain times, we have two pieces of advice.
1) Prepare for your event by bringing together an expert team that can deliver.
2) Make sure you have the flexibility to change your plans if the need arises.

Looking for an expert team of talented people dedicated to telling your story? Be in touch with us today, to let us know how we can help you MOVE ahead.

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