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The position of social media manager is a relatively new one. Most people don’t realize the amount of time and effort invested to develop what appears on their newsfeeds or Twitter streams. There tends to be a shroud of mystery surrounding social media, including what exactly social media managers are expected to do, and what it takes to be a good one. Generally, when I tell people that I work in social media, they respond with “Oh that’s nice! So… what exactly do you do?”  Let me give an answer here.

A social media manager is a hybrid position.  It requires that the person filling the role draw from a wide range of skill sets to be effective.

Account Executive

In almost any marketing position, the agency must have a relationship with the client. Social media is no different. The manager must be able to manage relationships with the client, communicate effectively and understand the client’s business and their goals in order to inform the strategy.


Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of social media is strategy. A social media manager must be able to develop a strong and creative strategy that takes advantage of the power of social media and is able to fulfill the goals of the client.

Content Creator

Most obviously, a social media manager must be able to create content. They have to be a unique fusion of clever copywriter and creative graphic design. In addition, they must have the know-how to adapt content to fit each platform.

Fingers on the pulse

Social media is all about being relevant and plugged in. A social media manger must have strong monitoring skills for trends and breaking news and be able to curate content and adapt it to fit their strategy.

Community Manager

Social media is first and foremost a community. As a result, they must be able to engage with the community, stimulate discussion and create engagement with their audience.

Data Analyst

Finally, they must be able to mine the data. Not only must they run the appropriate analytics, they must be able to collect and synthesize information and draw conclusions that will influence the overall strategy.

What does it take to be a Social Media Manager? Account Executive, Content Creator, Strategic, Community Manager, Finger on the Pulse, Data Analyst

Now, when someone asks, you can tell them EXACTLY what a social media manager does. Whether you’re trying to better define a position, hire a new candidate or simply communicate what you do, feel free to use our infographic to communicate what it takes. And if you can’t find the right mix, know that we at MOVE are always here to help you #MOVEahead in your social media.

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