Get to know us

Robin Hills farm

Our Story

Robin Hills Farm is an education and event center nestled in the rolling hills of Sylvan Township just outside of Chelsea, Michigan. We were founded in 2014 and exist to nurture our community and the land we live on for the benefit of all.

We are committed to delivering each visitor a distinctively local, yet world-class, experience every time they step on the Farm.

The three pillars of service that shape our offerings are: 

Education / Agriculture / Community

With each visit, we hope you, as our guests, will be touched by all of these.

A Setting Apart

When you step out on the Farm, you can breathe deeply and feel a kind of release in the open spaces–129 acres in all.

And there is so much to explore. 

  • The environmentally conscious green energy buildings like the Prairie House, the Glass House, and the Pasture Barn. 
  • Outdoor settings like the Amphitheater, the on-site organic farm and pasture, the four ponds, and the hiking trails that take you throughout the landscape.

Your place

Our core values of family, integrity, hospitality and sustainability guide all that we do. As a result, we often hear our guests comment how welcome they feel and that they now consider Robin Hills their place.

So, why not join in and make it your place today. Get started by planning an event. We look forward to meeting you soon.