With the weather turning warm, we are inviting the public out for free hikes around our beautiful 129-acre property. We’ve got a pretty special selection of pure Michigan ecosystems out here, from tamarack swamps to hardwood forests. Along with a smattering of the local wildlife.

Here at Robin Hills Farm, we take pride in having something to offer for everyone, and the range of age groups who come out for our tours and events suggests that we’re on the right track there. And what could be better? Giving kids a place to romp around, to connect with nature, to see things around the farm that are completely new to them, and maybe even to learn something — this, we feel, is one of the highest goals of what we’re doing here.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for special hikes, like dog walks and stroller hikes!

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Robin Hills Farm is open year-round to the public for classes, recreation, and events. Our Prairie House patio features plenty of outdoor seating, regular live entertainment, and cocktails.

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