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Educational Classes

[ECO-TOURISM] Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the wellbeing of local people, and involves interpretation and education.

Being a good steward

For us, this means giving people an opportunity to get out on the land and learn good stewardship of our natural environment. We are committed to sustainability in every way.

We want to:

  • Introduce our community to local farmers who are nurturing and preserving the soil in their farming methods. Ultimately, this contributes to clean water and air in the long term. 
  • Help parents and kids know where their food comes from and be more closely connected to the natural life cycle. 
  • Give everyone the opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy the wonders of the natural world, and be refreshed.
Educational Classes
Educational Classes
Educational Classes
Educational Classes
Educational Classes

Educational opportunities

We hope all of our guests will enjoy our special location and leave feeling a new ownership in preserving the health and beauty of our world…wherever we find ourselves.

Specific activities that we sponsor toward this end include:

  • native habitat tours with bird watching
  • field trips and day camps for children
  • hand-crafting classes
  • gardening classes
  • farming seminars
  • farmer networking gatherings

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