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We believe that everyone should be able to move ahead in their life and their work. Everyone.

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Take a look at the video and then Join the Movement!

Join the Movement!

If you’d like to hear from other likeminded people about what we’re doing to #MOVEahead together, join in here!

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The Movement has started!

Take a look at two of the recent community service projects brought together by the Movement. First our team of #MOVEahead volunteers supported the business incubator, Detroit is Different, headed up by Khary Frazier. The second movement was a residential service project. Grandma Craft, a 97-year old Detroiter, was in need of a new kitchen floor.

The Idea Behind It

We believe that everyone should be able to move ahead…in their life and in their work. Everyone. But it’s really only possible if we do it together. If you’ve been around for a minute, you know what a challenge that can be. To make it work, it takes…well…a change of heart. From thinking mostly about ourselves and our interests to first thinking about each other.

What You Can Do

First, you can Join the Movement! What does that mean? It starts by making a commitment to yourself that you will do what you can to reach across barriers that may be in your life.

  • Do you need to call someone that you’ve fallen out with and see if you can do your part to repair the relationship?
  • Are you inspired to invite some neighbors over to your home that you haven’t reached out to yet…just to have coffee and talk?
  • Can you take the initiative to do a local service project in your neighborhood block or school?

We’re launching some service project and educational activities with members of the Roosevelt Park neighborhood. If you’re interested, contact us so you can join the Roosevelt Park community as one of their new Join the Movement neighbors. Join us!

Finally, you can share this video with family and friends. Let its joy inspire and renew them so they get up and start moving.

And who knows…Once we #MOVEahead together in the D, maybe others will be inspired to make it happen in their neighborhoods.

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How The MOVEMENT Started

How the MOVEment Started

How the MOVEment started

MOVE Communications and a number of other firms and individuals in the Detroit area have been concerned about the separation that often takes place between different ethnicities and neighborhoods in the U.S. We noted the extreme hate messages that were erupting around our nation (and continue—Charlottesville happened while we were editing) and the tragic violence (most recently the Las Vegas and Texas shootings). And so we wanted to do a project that would bring a diverse group of people together to find a way to reach over barriers that may be in place in our daily lives and #MOVEahead.

It worked.

Because we are visual communicators, we chose to produce a video that expresses the possibility and joy related to moving ahead together. The seed idea for the creative came from Derek Sivers and his TED talk, “How to Start a Movement” and the related article, “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from a Dancing Guy.” In it, he tells the story of a guy dancing in a park who is joined by a first follower; and because of the courage and craziness of not only the dancer but the first follower, eventually a crowd forms. That’s how to start a movement.

In a post, Derek made his idea “open source” and encouraged people to take it and build on it.

So we did.

Our writer, Laura Lynch, who first discovered Derek’s idea for our team, crafted a script that we could produce in Detroit. We did a site survey and landed on Roosevelt Park near old Tiger Stadium in historic downtown Detroit. In July, our production team assembled there to videotape, with the former Michigan Central Train Station adding color in the background. Over a hundred people from various parts of Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, most of whom had never met before, came together—Corktown neighbors, local veterans, crew, cast and their families—to create a crowd scene in the video. You’ll find two versions here. The Core Video and the Making Of. Watch them both!

More Detail


As our crowd arrived in the late afternoon, we threw a party for them. It started with a local veterans color guard presenting the colors, followed by The Daylites delivering Motown hits and Cordwood BBQ dishing up mouth-watering barbecue and sides. Then everyone took their place in the crowd. The five-person camera team, headed up by Director of Photography, David Peterson of Stone Bridge Productions, our friendly drone, operated by cinematographer Joel Rodeheaver of Union Creative  the sound guys, the extended crew, the perimeter team and the Crowd!

Each one added their own special touch as the group worked together to accomplish this fun task.

After Dave Peterson took off his DP hat, he edited the “core” video and the “making of,” with John Kaley of MotionPixel Images contributing visual effects and David Merritt of Merit Goodness voicing the narrative.

We then premiered the video on October 5 back in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood at the Imagination Station property across from the park. Invitees included members of the Corktown neighborhood, participants in the film, and representatives from greater Detroit. At the Premiere we renewed friendships, recognized our awesome MOVEMENT Sponsors and celebrated all of our moves in the video.

We also announced the launch of a project to winterize homes in the Roosevelt Park neighborhood and eventually to refurbish a property and make it available for a family. We hope other projects will spring from these efforts. Gina Thompson, our choreographer, is voting for some dance classes for kids.

Cast & Crew

A Shout-Out to Our Sponsors

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