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Many of you may know Derek Sivers as the founder of CD Baby. MOVE connected with Derek when we viewed his TED Talk on How To Start a Movement. We were inspired about the idea of bringing together a group of diverse people to start a movement to make a change in their neighborhoods. As a result, we produced the project MOVEaheadDetroit. We were in touch with Derek, both during the production of the project and since, as he’s been writing his new book, “Your Music and People.”

I was struck by one mini-chapter in his book on “Your dreams and your means.” At MOVE, we believe that every vibrant organization has a Big Dream. Something they are passionate about…something that inspires them to come together and achieve great things. We play our part by helping our customers become an inspiring brand. Of course, it is absolutely essential to be able to visualize the Dream. But sometimes, what gets painted into that picture are the means we knew yesterday; but that may not be the means today, and certainly aren’t the dream itself.

Check this out from Derek:

“New technologies make old things easier, and new things possible. That’s why you need to re-evaluate your old dreams to see if new means have come along.

Some actors move to Hollywood hoping to get noticed. Others use every new outlet to make themselves unavoidable.

Some authors are just waiting for a publisher to sign them. Others are getting rich just self-publishing.

You need to distinguish between what is your real goal, and what are the unnecessary details. Don’t let the details distract you from your goal.

For each of your dreams, occasionally ask yourself, ‘What was the real point?’ Then look for a better way to get to that point.”

So often in marketing, we get distracted by all of the things we’re “supposed to do.” Defend against this by keeping others close you who can remind you of what you already know—marketing is not first about exposure, hits, or going viral. It’s about developing a relationship with a person. Sure, be a good steward—do the conventional wisdom well enough—but don’t let these means, as good as they may be, demand all of your attention and keep you from what is most important—making real connections that naturally lead to a response.

By knowing your customer better than anyone else, you will know the nuance of what they want and how they want to connect—and that’s how you’ll find yourself doing not just what everyone else is doing, but something different…and something that works uniquely well.

Don’t revision the Dream. Just be open to re-visioning the means of getting there that may be currently bolted on in a way that’s holding you back.

If you want some help finding the best means of connecting others to your Dream, that they discover is in their hearts too, read Derek. And get in touch with us. We’ll help you #MOVEahead in some new ways and means.

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