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Celebrate Women’s History Month

What Does “Time” Mean To You?

Just over 74 years ago, 6 months before the end of World War II, I was born into a loving family who provided my every need … and cared for me through childhood and early adulthood. I had no reason to be concerned about time … but I always wanted to have my very own wristwatch in order to be fashionable and “in style.”

So, as a young girl, Mom entrusted me with the tiny watch she had as a teenager—and I was delighted! It didn’t work … but it looked great and it gave me a sense of “fashion security.” (At 92, Mom is still a strong woman and I value my time with her.)

I was “on the move” as a young pre-teen!

When I turned 16, my aunt and uncle gave me a silver Seiko watch for my “Sweet Sixteen” birthday. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. It was shiny, it worked great, and the brand was prestigious! My aunt and uncle have long since passed, but I have such wonderful memories of how they loved me and gave of themselves for me.

I was “on the move” as a teenager!

When my grandmother passed in 1987, I was blessed to be given her lovely watch. It had six diamonds and has always been a precious keepsake to me. I called her “Sugar”—never “Grandmother”—and the watch is a lovely reminder of the great love I always had for her.

I was “on the move” as a married woman and mother!

On the 50th anniversary of our marriage, my husband presented me with a very lovely rose gold Coach watch! It was my favorite brand and was so beautiful! What an absolute treasure to be reminded of our wonderful years together—and our timeless love!

So many years … and I was still “on the move” as a seasoned older woman!

Recently, at the age of 74, my husband bought my first iWatch! Keeping up with the times and all the new gadgets is such a daunting task! But this watch … Oh my! It not only tells me what time it is, what and where my next appointments are, what the weather forecast is and the temperature outside—it also calculates my pulse, takes an ECG, and monitors my sleep habits!

Wow! I have “survived” the test of technology and time … and I’m still “a woman on the move!”

So, what does “time” mean to you? My watches are great, but they all tell a story—an account of someone I loved who brought such care and precious memories into my life.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month—Is there a particular woman you admire or appreciate? Someone you love? Or perhaps someone who has been there for you through difficult circumstances? Tell her what she means to you—and do it now, while “time” is still on your side! Celebrate “women on the move!”


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