how do you create a great live event

THE QUESTION IS…HOW DO YOU CREATE A GREAT LIVE EVENT? SLAM DUNK YOUR NEXT LIVE EVENT Everyone loves to go to a great event. But how do you create a great live event? Something that’s fun, [...]


Shaping Your Best Event Ever

Shaping “Your Best Event Ever“ Think for a moment about your Best Event Ever—the best birthday party, the best concert, the best wedding ceremony. Or at work—the best office party, the best [...]


Combining Traditional and Online Marketing Efforts

Traditional and Online Marketing aren’t mutually exclusive. Here’s how you can help them work together. Digital marketing is all the rage these days, but if that leads you to conclude that [...]


How to Create a Marketing Impact Through In-Person Meetings

Some Tips for When You Arrive I want to start with an experience I had with Chuck Colson. Some of you may remember that he was involved in the Nixon era Watergate scandal and was called the White [...]



A movement doesn’t start as a movement. It starts with a single individual who has an idea, a passion, and a commitment. When other people join in and take that idea to a new place—conceptually [...]


Here’s to People of Good Will

By Don Hart –   To start a movement you’ve got to have people of good will who see a potential and then decide to “kick it up” with their own personal energy. Rolling up to the [...]


Event Marketing: Top 5 Trends

When you think about standout marketing, likely the first thing that pops into your mind this time of year are the Super Bowl ads. Many are still getting major playtime, but the ads wouldn’t have [...]