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BUYER PERSONA MARLENE: Marlene is a 75-year-old widow, with good cognition and memory, but declining physical health. She has accepted her daughter and son-in-law’s invitation to move in with them, but wants to explore senior services available in her area in case she needs care that goes beyond what her family can provide.


In previous posts, the Buyer’s Journey Parts III, and III, (December 22, 2015 and January 14, and 29, 2016) we looked at the three phases of the Buyer’s Journey: Awareness of a need, Consideration of possible solutions, and Decision to pursue a particular solution.

When you consider these three phases carefully, you can see that there are really no hard lines between them. You’re educating at each stage of the process, and this has the effect of putting your organization “on the map” of potential solutions for our Marlene.


But, you don’t have to wait for Marlene to reach the “awareness of need” phase before you reach out to her. Many Marlenes are active in their local senior communities, in civic organizations, and other venues. You can prime the pump through involvement in that community.

For instance, Marlene might “meet” your organization by reading an article in a senior newspaper in which your Memory Care unit is highlighted. Or she might hear your Medical Director speak about memory loss at the local Rotary Club. Or she might see your organization named in a list of care providers when she attends a panel discussion on senior health issues at the library. Regardless of the avenue, Marlene comes to know you as a resource and, as a possible future solution to her need.


Again, keep in mind that the goal in the early stages of “inbound” or “content” marketing is not to sell your services, but to serve the community. Sales comes later, because you have established your organization and your staff as knowledgable, reliable, and committed resources for the community, including those who may never need your specific services, but who may pass your name on to someone who does.

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