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So, using our free eBook, “How to Create Buyer Personas to Better Serve Your Customers and Grow Your Senior Living Business,” you have already created several Personas to capsulize the kind of customers your organization is best suited to attract and serve well.

Now what?

Now you shape your marketing plan to draw in that kind of customer, tuning everything to the Buyer’s Journey. Every purchase decision involves three phases: Awareness of a need, Consideration of possible solutions, and the Decision to purchase a particular solution.

The buyers journey: Awareness Stage, Consideration Stage, Decision Stage

Today, we’ll look at the first part of that process, Awareness, through the eyes of one of our Customer Personas Marlene (see our December 3, 2015 blog post, “Boost Brand Engagement by Leveraging Customer Personas“).

Widow Marlene’s declining health prompted her to accept her daughter’s invitation to move in with her and her husband. Now Marlene wants to explore senior services available in her area in case she needs care that goes beyond what her family can provide. She’s not ready to choose services, she’s simply aware that she needs to know more. Where will Marlene turn to get perspective? Peers and family members? AARP Magazine, perhaps? The local Senior Community Center? The Internet?

When your organization uses the Content Marketing model, you become one of Marlene’s resources in this awareness phase—a source of information, not advertising. The point is not to sell your services, but to help educate Marlene so she can approach the issues fully informed.

You can disseminate the information in a variety of contexts and media—broadcast, online, print, in person (seminars, community fairs, etc). The goal at this phase is to embed your organization in your community, serving as a trustworthy resource.

In a future post, we’ll look at connecting with Marlene in a more focused way in the Consideration phase of her Buyer’s Journey.

Meanwhile, if you have questions about how to leverage your Brand to achieve your sales and marketing goals, please contact me at dhart@movecommunications.comAnd to learn even more about your customers, please download our free eBook available here.

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