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Are you social?

Build an audience for your brand through social media


Your company needs social media

With social media, your consumer base has become more accessible than ever before, but it’s also made them more savvy. They can have your product in their shopping cart in one tab while reading customer reviews and browsing competitor products in another. With so much readily-available information, customers are becoming more accustomed to doing their homework before completing a purchase

Impulse purchases are now informed purchases: almost half of online users depend on social media before making a purchase decision. Your customers are smart. They know what they want, but they don’t know if they’ve found it.

They’re looking for confidence. Give them yours.

You’re proud of what you do and want to share it with others. You have the insight and expertise on your product and services that can empower your customers and help them feel affirmed in their purchasing choices. And social media gives you the perfect platform to connect with those customers and share your knowledge.

You know what to say. The question is, how do you start?


Stop planning; start doing.

For businesses trying to get started in social media, the Internet is awash with enough conflicting advice to make anyone want to give up even before they start. We all want the perfectly-optimized social media page, but very few of us have the time or resources to read up on exactly what that means.

Well, here’s the truth: Like almost anything worth doing, social media takes time and dedication. Think of it like a workout…you get up and do a little bit every day, and with consistent effort you will see results. They won’t happen instantaneously, and you can’t cheat to get there. But you can do it.

The most important thing (even more important than having a brilliantly optimized page) is that you HAVE a page to begin with… one that you update regularly and don’t neglect. Leave the details (have I written the perfect profile bio?!) till you feel so confident in the environment that you have the brain space to obsess over the fine points.

In the meantime, start thinking about what you’re going to say.


You’re not just there to be there — your presence has purpose.

It’s impossible to be passionate about something and not have anything to say. Social media gives you an opportunity to become known as an expert in your field by demonstrating valuable insights into new developments in your industry and establishing yourself as a curator of helpful, valuable content.

In other words, it’s not just about having a platform, it’s about having an opinion.

Not all your content should be original. You add to the value of other people’s content by selectively sharing vetted articles that you feel will be of benefit to others, and by adding your own commentary to those articles. It’s proof that you listen well to your audience and are informed about the latest developments in your industry.

Use original content in the form of blogs, ebooks, videos, infographics, and other easily-shareable items to complement your engagement.

Then, focus the rest of your effort on connecting with your audience: replying to their comments, liking or retweeting things that they say, and making them feel a part of your brand.


Your most engaged fans will do your marketing for you.

Your fans are better advocates of your brand than you could ever be. The reason for this is a concept called social proof: people will believe you’re awesome because people who aren’t you also say you’re awesome.

This means:

1. They will, in turn, be curators of your content to other people, adding their own stamp of approval/commentary when they present it to their networks

2. They share their passion and enthusiasm when they spread your content

3. They have no ulterior motives for sharing

You won’t matter to your fans unless they matter to you. Show them that you’re listening. Make every opportunity they have to connect with your brand a positive memory.


You need social media, but you don’t need to be everywhere at once.

Most businesses don’t have the resources to run half a dozen channels, but if you choose carefully, you can excel at one or two. We’ve picked four of the most popular marketing channels to help you decide where to invest your time. What you need to decide is:

Are you there, are you not, or do you want to be?



Want to build your brand on social media? We can help you get there.

In our ebook, we share our industry knowledge on how to find your audience on the top four social media platforms for businesses. The only question you need to ask is: Are you social?

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