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Most senior health care organizations have some bold aspirations.  They’re looking for:

  • outcomes that validate how good their organization really is
  • congruence between who they say they are and the customer experience
  • reduced turnover in staff and customers
  • strong financials that equip them to fully live out their mission

But they’ve also got some powerful challenges.  For starters, reduction in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates and increases in compliance regulations make viability a daunting challenge.  Success requires excellence in clinical outcomes, improved technology, effective staffing models and capital improvements.  But there is one key factor to help your organization thrive and stay on mission that is often overlooked. We believe it is Brand.

Your Brand is really “who you are” as an organization. It’s your promise to all you serve…and that includes your staff. It’s expressed in your vision, your mission and your values but it has the most impact when these statements come alive in your team.

Senior care is a people-centric business. It’s about engagement at every level. Growth and long-term success rely heavily on the quality and nature of people-to-people contact.  When people who come in contact with your brand have, through your team, the same satisfying experience—things take off.

To achieve this brand consistency, team members must be recruited to see themselves as ambassadors of the brand.  They are not just a resource to be applied to a need but a source—of new ideas, of trustworthy service and of personal connection.  As team members come together with a common mindset, they will create an exceptional experience for their clients and fellow staff—an experience that will generate word of mouth recommendations and buzz in your community.  And that is the most powerful marketing of all.

In our next entry, we’ll talk about how culture or “Your Way” is one of three keys to strengthening your brand for greatest impact. In the meantime, if you have questions about how to leverage your brand to achieve your sales and marketing goals, please contact us.

And as always, don’t forget to share and connect with us @movecomm!

Tim Johnston is a senior care brand expert with a focus on achieving executional results.

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