Achieving high quality service requires knowing your customer. Only then can you structure your organization to serve effectively. Developing Customer Personas helps not only focus your service offerings, but also helps market your services to attract the market segments you serve best—effectively coordinating your quality improvement and marketing strategies.

Customer Personas are fictional representations of specific kinds of customers. Personas allow you to personalize and target both your services and your marketing and sales efforts to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of different segments of your actual and potential customer base. Personas help focus your Brand and keep it successful, improving the future for your organization, your staff, and your customers.

Here is a simplified example of a Customer Persona:

Name: Marlene

Description: 75 years old, widowed, living alone, good cognition and memory, but declining physical health.

Situation: Marlene’s married daughter has invited her to move in with her and her husband. An old friend recently moved to a Senior Care facility, and raves about it, but after visiting, Marlene decided to accept her daughter’s invitation in order to remain in a home setting.

Need: Marlene wants to explore senior services available in her area in case she needs care that goes beyond what her family can provide.

Personas can be “Personas for Pursuit” or “Personas for Referral.” Personas for Pursuit describe people your organization is designed (or being re-shaped) to serve well, people you want to attract, who are likely to become very satisfied customers. Marlene would be a Persona for Pursuit for in-home services providers.

Personas for Referral describe individuals whose needs don’t match your organization’s strengths, and are unlikely to become satisfied customers. They are the ones you would refer to another organization. Personas for Referral can help you understand where not to spend your marketing and sales dollars. A campus-based senior living facility would consider Marlene a Persona for Referral.

In a future post, we’ll discuss how to use Personas to help you tune everything in your marketing outreach to the Buyer’s Journey.

If you have questions about how to leverage your Brand to achieve your sales and marketing goals, please contact us at And to learn more about Personas, please download our free eBook available here.

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