Keep the Cash and Communication Flowing

Keep the Cash and Communication Flowing All of us in business know the adage, “Cash is King.” It means that a healthy business must not only close sales, complete work, and have strong [...]


Turning the Corner

Turning the Corner In the midst of the current pandemic crisis, most of us feel both anxiety and sorrow because of the tragic fall-out. We wonder what will happen next…how we will cope…what is [...]


3M in Full Motion

3M in Full Motion We can be too…in other ways   I watched an interview with Chairman & CEO of 3M, Mike Roman, held on CNBC1 recently and followed up by reviewing articles by Bloomberg [...]


Our Brother Has Fallen

Our Brother Has Fallen Marlowe Stoudamire died of complications from the Coronavirus on Tuesday, March 24.   Stop.   But it won’t…stop. This tragedy keeps whirring in my heart and mind—trying to [...]


Stand out with Social Spots

Video in Social Media I would like to start this blog as the one person who doesn’t know that video in social media is exploding. Okay, now that I have read this blog’s first sentence, there is [...]

how do you create a great live event

THE QUESTION IS…HOW DO YOU CREATE A GREAT LIVE EVENT? SLAM DUNK YOUR NEXT LIVE EVENT Everyone loves to go to a great event. But how do you create a great live event? Something that’s fun, [...]


Activate Your Referral Network

Activate Your Referral Network Ultimately, to succeed in your marketing, you want to do three things: GROW AWARENESS of your Brand, ACTIVATE REFERRALS, and INCREASE NEW LEADS. What follows are [...]


Marketing with Foresight

Marketing with Foresight Now, Next and Future Yesterday, I had a Gretzky “Go where the puck is going, not where it’s been” moment. Ok…yes, this quote is overused and there was only one Gretzky [...]


The Power of Communicating Your Brand Belief

The Power of Communicating Your Brand Belief What do we mean by “your core brand belief”? It’s that specific conviction about how the world should be better that motivated you to start your [...]


Git Along Little Dogies

Git Along Little Dogies Bringing in the herd through advertising Play the audio clip below to listen to Don Hart, President of MOVE communications, as he gives you an overview on digital [...]

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