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Git Along Little Dogies

Bringing in the herd through advertising

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In the Old West every year, there would always be a cattle drive to bring all the cattle that had been grazing up in the hills down into the corral. It took the cowboys some time to find them, then “head ‘em up” and “move ‘em out” to the safety and comfort of the corral.

There’s an analogy here in your marketing. You need a great website … the corral. (We do that. We build websites that are easy to navigate, give clear information that customers are looking for, and create a brand experience that has emotional impact for the visitor.) But just having a corral that has beautiful fencing, fresh hay, delicious oats and water in abundance is not going to do much good. You’ve got to bring in the herd—through advertising.

So how do you do that? You need some cowboys. Where are they? Well, right now they’re in the bunkhouse, but you have to go hire them and put them to work.

The cowboys are led by the Ad Twins—Digital Diane and Traditional Tom. Digital Diane works the herd online and Traditional Tom works on direct mail, TV and radio.

Digital Diane will saddle you up with both outbound and inbound marketing. Outbound emails should be a basic part of your marketing communications. You can track who is opening your messages and who’s actually clicking through to an offer that you make. Then you can build the relationship with them by either responding to a request they make, or sending them some other value-add content that they would be interested in.

Another form of outbound is your Social Media content that you create and place on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. You can boost your posts to generate greater exposure. Set a small amount of money that you will spend, then boost new posts on a regular basis.


Digital Diane will also lasso you some online ads. Consider Facebook ads and Google Ads. With each, you can target whom you want to reach and set those parameters, by describing either a demographic (Facebook) or a search term (Google). With Facebook, you can trim your lasso for clicks (you pay only when someone clicks on your ad), or you can set it for impressions (how many eyeballs might see it in their feed). Either way, you know that people are becoming aware of your brand and promotion.

Google Ads are also an important part of the drive. You want to organically rank on page 1 of any search; but if you can’t get there yet by being ranked with relevant content, then you can purchase exposure. People click on ads on the pages they search. As they do, this demonstrates a clear conversion when they click through to a special landing page or page on your website. You determine the effectiveness of the ads and promotion by seeing how many people fill out a contact form on those pages.

Digital Diane’s inbound marketing has to do with putting content of value on your website that will show up in Google searches. Think of these as little lumps of sugar or some sweet hay the dogies like. This is content on the site itself—text, images and video on web pages, longer articles you would publish for download, and shorter blog entries. All of the content that is relevant to your potential customers, when optimized for search, will help attract the dogies to you.

How did cattle become dogies?

There is no clear history on the origin of this term but the one explanation we like the most is this: If a newborn calf was out on the range and lost its mother in a very cold winter, they weren’t able to feed. Their bellies became bloated from lack of nourishment and looked like rising dough. So the cowboys started calling them “Dough Guts.” With use, the term evolved into “dogies.” And just so you don’t confuse any of your canine friends, be sure to pronounce “dogies” as “DOUGH-gies” – with a little Texas twang.

Roy Roger: Git Along Little Dogies (1940)

Also, remember to get listed in relevant directories and seek out reviews. There are often associations that will categorize, by category, the top 10 or so firms in an area—the top 10 oil change franchises, the top 10 flooring companies, the top 10 dentists, the top 10 senior care communities. Find out those directories that might matter to you and become involved. Then ask your current customers to give you a review on Google or Yelp; so wherever customers find you, they will have a positive impression.

Oh, look! Here comes Traditional Tom … racing in at a gallop. His face is a bit weathered from all the drives he’s been on … and his chaps are a bit worn, but he’s got lots of experience and still has some mighty shiny spurs to help you “giddy up.” His first specialty is television. It has the power of reaching a broad audience through memorable creative pieces that stimulate emotional impact with sound and picture. Radio captures attention by activating the listener’s imagination and generating images in the theater of their mind. As they listen, they begin to give you consideration and ultimately take action in your direction.

Don’t shy away from Traditional Tom. TV and radio can really make an impact; and you can make use of the content of a TV or radio spot not only on a broadcast or cable station, but through application in your social media. And although you may get a bit flustered with the amount of direct mail that shows up from other businesses in your mailbox every day, and that you throw away…

So get over to the bunkhouse and pick out the cowboys you need. Once they’re in your service out on the range, you’ll be able to see what works best for you. If it turns out that you need some extra hands to bring in the herd, be in touch with MOVE. We ride high in the saddle and wear the white hats.



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