About Us

In a cluttered world, it takes a lot to capture attention. Minds today are bombarded with images and verbiage quicker than thoughts can be formed about them. In the war of branding, it’s survival of the fittest. Brands that grab your attention and make an impression are the only ones that succeed. That’s where we come in. At MOVE, we believe that every organization has a brand. Some need help identifying it. Others need a better way to show it to the world. MOVE has been helping clients successfully develop and build their brands for over three decades. We specialize in establishing attention-seeking brands that attract clients and increase profit. It all starts with someone making the first move. You ready?

Divider Background

Our Services

Don and Carol Hart founded Hart Productions, an award-winning television, radio and video production company in 1984. During the digital media revolution of the ‘90s, Hart Media Group was born. In 2002 our name changed again to MOVE Communications – a marketing and branding agency – to reflect our ever-broadening scope of work. Today MOVE is a fully integrated marketing agency offering a host of strategic, creative and award-winning production services for web, video, print and live events. And we’re still on the move.

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Our Process

At MOVE, we start each new project at the beginning, collaborating with clients to strategically develop and build their brands from initial concept onward. For some, brand communication needs will include digital marketing such as a new website or social media. For others a more traditional marketing approach, including print ads and direct mail, may work best. Still other companies may benefit from a combination of both digital and traditional approaches. MOVE has the creative resources and expertise to help you plan and execute a customized marketing strategy that will best move your business ahead.




During the past 30 years, MOVE has provided strategic and creative services for clients in for- and non-profit industries, including automotive, senior care, higher education, publishing, financial services, and healthcare.

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